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Ready Darkest

Sale price$37.00

Perma Blend Ready Darkest Luxe Pigment


Ready Darkest is a neutral darker brown brow color, a shade darker than Ready Dark. Use on its own or mix with Ready Medium or Ready Dark for color versatility, providing a rich contrast on melanin-rich skin tones. Can also be used as an eyeliner pigment. Need to add more warmth? Mix in Ready Mod at your required ratio.

Pigment undertone: Neutral
Opacity: High
Skin tones: Fitzpatrick 5-6

Size: 0.5 oz / 15mL

Perma Blend Luxe pigment Ready Darkest

  • EU REACH Compliant & BVL Registered

  •  Pre-Modified Eyebrow Pigment 


    Perma Blend Luxe Pigment Ready Darkest Pre-Modified Eyebrow Pigment, Permanent Makeup Pigment
    Ready Darkest Sale price$37.00