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Zensa Numbing Cream

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Zensa Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream

The Best Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream For Tattoos

Zensa Skincare's Lidocaine numbing cream can help you stay relaxed during tough and painful procedures. It is the perfect choice for treatments like Ombre brows, microblading, injections, tattoos, and other procedures.

Velvety and soft, the Zensa cream numbs your skin and leaves it feeling smooth. You can continue on with your day without feeling any pain. It is very easy to apply and just needs a quick smear on your fingertips.

Stop worrying about painful procedures – use Zensa

Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream to numb!

Our most natural topical anesthetic numbing cream, this professional, long-lasting cream can last for up to 2-3 hours after use. Using Zensa topical anesthetic numbing cream on your client's skin is like a slice of heaven.

Want to know more about the Zensa numbing cream?

  • Professional grade over-the-counter topical anesthetic numbing cream that does not negatively impact skin texture, constrict blood vessels, or affect ink settling and retention.
  • Long-lasting - quick-absorbing formulation provides numbing for 2 to 3 hours and can be extended to up to 8 hours with reapplication.
  • Used by 50,000+ beauty, healthcare professionals, and artists
  • Zensa Numbing Cream is made in Canada & is a Health Canada Approved product- It is safe to use in even the most sensitive of areas. Zensa, the best numbing cream for tattoos and is also hypoallergenic.

How to apply Zensa topical anesthetic numbing cream

Clean & Apply Zensa Numbing Cream

Clean area with an alcohol swab. Apply a thick layer of numbing cream, do not rub in.


Cover the area with an air-tight wrap to support fast absorption. Leave the Zensa numbing cream on for 30-40 minutes for tattoos & laser hair removal, 15-20 minutes for permanent makeup, and 10 minutes for injections.


Remove air-tight wrap and wipe away excess Zensa Lidocaine Cream before beginning the procedure. 

Please Note: Zensa Skincare has changed "Topical Anaesthetic" to "Lidocaine Cream" on the new packaging due to Health Canada regulations. The formula of the Zensa topical anesthetic numbing cream is still the same.

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Zensa Numbing Cream Sale price$33.99 Regular price$40.00