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Mara Pro Premium Sharp Needle Cartridges

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Mara Pro Premium Sharp Needle Cartridges


MARA Pro Premium PMU Needle Cartridges are ULTRA PRECISE & SHARP.
Needles from MARA Pro are compatible with tattoo machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges, including MARA Pro machines and many other world renowned tattoo brands. 
These PREMIUM safety cartridges in a pair with our already best selling SOFT needles are going to help you accomplish work on clients fast, a-traumatically and with no hustle. We have combined the best of both worlds of precision and gentleness and put together for you here, MARA Pro Needles have been exclusively selected and tested by the best permanent makeup artists in the world.



  • Special foam attachment decreases machine vibration
  • Single-use cartridges
  • Special safety membrane preventing ink spit-back and cross contamination
  • Unique pressure mechanism for extreme precision and sharpness
  • Creates evenly colored and shaped pixels every time
  • Works smoothly even on the most thick and difficult skin types 
  • Created specifically for contours, brows and details that need more clean look
  • Long taper needles create minimal trauma and skin damage


These cartridges are designed to be ultra precise and super sharp in a comparison to our soft PMU Needles.



  • Sterilized with eo gas and individually packaged
  • Most needed diameters for cosmetic tattooing procedures
  • Simple, hygienic design
  • Ultra precise, yet gentle for the skin
  • Membrane that inhibits ink spit-back
  • Compatible with a variety of cartridge system grips and machines


Recommended for:

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow shading techniques
  • Fine hairstrokes
  • Precise contour of the lips
  • Full lips 
  • Lips with Filler
  • Areola 
  • SMP


For professional artist use only. 16 cartridges per box.


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      Mara Pro Premium Sharp Needle Cartridges Sale price$43.00