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Pre-draw Wax Pencil

Sale price$2.49


Our new Pre-draw Eyebrow and Lip Wax Pencils are a premium product that will help you achieve the perfect brow shape or lip shape for your client's face while staying put during their permanent brow procedure and ensuring you'll be able to sketch out the most suitable fit for their features before putting pen to paper!

Just peel back the paper wrapping, sharpen your Pre-draw Eyebrow Wax Pencil to a thin point and get ready to sketch out a perfect brow in no time.

Available in both Brown, Black and White, this pencil will show up on most skin tones, allowing you to have a perfectly clear vision of the finished product you're looking to achieve. 

A simple yet effective product which will help you finesse your skills while allowing you to use both thin and thick lines depending on your personal style and the different requirements of your clients while having the guarantee that the product will stay put and visible during your permanent session to allow you to be precise and have a perfect outcome.

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Pre-draw Wax Pencil Sale price$2.49