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Permanent Makeup Cartridges

Sale price$40.00


PMU Needle Cartridges for PMU Pen


High Quality PMU Needle cartridges are compatible with any traditional PMU Pen similar to Mac Pen 1 and T2S, and are one of the most popular needle cartridges. The diameter of the needle allows you to create crisp and thin outlines to make the most of your clients' personal style.


Each needle cartridge is packaged in a sterile and sealed packaging. They are disposable one time use.
Needle number, lot number, and expiration date printed on each needle cartridge packaging.


Needle Cartridge Features

These Needle cartridges are safe and easy to use. Needle cartridges have a disposable magnetic cartridge system. Although you can use the tattoo needles of your preference for any procedure, we recommend that you use this needle for detailed work & procedures such as :

  • Ombre Powder Brows
  • Lips
  • Micro-Shading
  • Hair Strokes
  • Scalp Pigmentation
    1RL Needle Cartridge, permanent makeup pen needle cartridge front view
    Permanent Makeup Cartridges Sale price$40.00