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Permanent Makeup Cartridges with Membrane

Sale price$30.00


Permanent Makeup Cartridges with Membrane
(PMU Needle Cartridges with Membrane)


Our Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridge with Membrane are an infinitely precise and high quality tool that will help you create perfect shading and incredibly sharp lines during micropigmentation procedures, it is especially recommended for procedures such as Ombre Powder Brows, Lips, Micro-Shading, Hair Strokes and Scalp Pigmentation.

Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges with Membrane are compatible with any traditional Permanent Makeup Pen such as the Mac Pen 1, T2S, and similar permanent makeup pens (PMU Pens), is one of our most popular in our needle family.

The diameter of the needle, as well as the sturdiness of the material used to produce it, allow you to create crisp and thin outlines for a natural looking and precise stroke every time while the needle cartridge has a back flow prevention membrane system which absorb and release color evenly without pigment overflow, allowing you to see what you're doing every step of the way without having to constantly clean the surface in question.

Each of our Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges with Membrane are perfectly sealed to prevent cross contamination and guarantee a fully sterile tool for the safety of your clients.

Needle number, lot number, and expiration date printed on each needle cartridge packaging.
    1RL Needle Cartridge with membrane, permanent makeup pen needle cartridge front view
    Permanent Makeup Cartridges with Membrane Sale price$30.00