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Mast Ocean Heart Needle Cartridges

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Mast Ocean Heart Full Membrane

Universal Needle Cartridges

20 Mast Ocean Heart Universal Needle Cartridges per package

Our Mast Ocean Heart Universal Tattoo Needle Cartridges are compatible with our Mast Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen, a premium quality rotary-style permanent makeup pen and most other permanent makeup pens and wireless tattoo machines. Available in 17+ Configurations.

Immerse yourself in a sea of multi-colored gradients, perfectly aligned with the ultimate aesthetic pursuits of permanent makeup artists. Our revolutionary use of multi-color injection technology in the PMU industry creates enchanting gradient visual effects, making each MAST cartridge a unique masterpiece.

Experience the new generation cartridge taper design – thinner, longer, and ultra-slim for more accurate coloring. Inspired by insights from renowned embroidery artists worldwide, this design enhancement makes your work easier to observe and positions more precise.

This innovation goes beyond appearances – it’s about upgraded smooth inking, enhanced needle durability, and improved operational stability. Empower your artistic expression with tools that respond to your every creative whim.

At the core of OCEAN HEART is the interpretation of the PMU industry: “Find beauty, create beauty, share beauty, become the beauty.” Elevate your working tools beyond functionality; let them become a statement of beautiful fashion.

OCEAN HEART, where the theme of beautiful appearance ensures that beauty remains eternal.

Continuing the Pursuit of Ultimate Aesthetics: MAST breaks through once again. We listen to artists, learn from accumulated experiences, and progress continually to meet professional needs. Uncompromising quality is the relentless pursuit of MAST.

  • 0401RL: 0.18mm 1RL Round Liner
  • 0601RL: 0.20mm 1RL Round Liner
  • 0801RL: 0.25mm 1RL Round Liner
  • 1001RL: 0.30mm 1RL Round Liner
  • 1201RL: 0.35mm 1RL Round Liner
  • 0403RL: 0.18mm 3RL Round Liner
  • 0603RL: 0.20mm 3RL Round Liner
  • 0803RL: 0.25mm 3RL Round Liner
  • 0801RLT: 0.25mm 1RLT Round Liner (Long Taper)
  • 1001RLT: 0.30mm 1RLT Round Liner (Long Taper)
  • 1201RLT: 0.35mm 1RLT Round Liner (Long Taper)
  • 0803RLT: 0.25mm 3RLT Round Liner (Long Taper)
  • 1001RLB: 0.30mm 1 Round Liner (3.5mm Taper)
  • 1201RLB: 0.35mm 1 Round Liner (3.5mm Taper)
  • 0803RLB: 0.25mm 3 Round Liner (3.5mm Taper)
  • 1005F: 0.30mm 5F Flat
  • 1007F: 0.30mm 7F Flat

    Every Ocean Heart Universal Tattoo needle cartridge has been tested multiple times for optimal performance

    1RL Mast Ocean Heart universal tattoo needle cartridges, permanent makeup tattoo needle cartridge, 1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, pmu tattoo needle cartridges front close up view
    Mast Ocean Heart Needle Cartridges Sale price$30.00