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Ghost Universal Brown SMP Pigment

Sale price$80.00

Ghost Universal Brown SMP Pigment

Ghost Universal brown is a premixed SMP INK, no need to mix it with black or add any modifiers anymore.

Universal brown has a great retention, specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation procedures. 

Its Perfect for clients with light or brown skins, Fitzpatrick-1-3

The highest quality natural ingredients retain their consistency over time and each batch is guaranteed to have the same result as the last. Ghost universal brown is supplied in a medical-grade sealed bottle to ensure its longevity. It is vegan-friendly, containing no animal by-products. It is gamma-sterilized and has been fully tested by SMP artists.


Ghost Universal Brown SMP Pigment Contents:

  • 15ml Pigment Bottle Ghost Universal Brown
  • 1ml Syringe
  • Ghost Brown Dilution Chart
      Ghost Universal Brown SMP Pigment, Pigment for Scalp Micropigmentation, SMP Pigments, PMU Pigments front view
      Ghost Universal Brown SMP Pigment Sale price$80.00