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Pre-Inked Mapping String

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Pre-Inked Eyebrow Mapping String

Pre-Inked Mapping String


Pre-Inked mapping string is an essential tool for all brow and PMU artists. This thin and highly saturated mapping string provides precise lines and strong pigment that will help you to create perfectly symmetrical brows or lips. The ultra thin string easily glides onto the skin, leaving crisp lines every time. The integrated cutter allows for precise measurement and effortless trimming with minimal mess.

Our mapping string is highly pigmented and does not smudge. It can also be used for lip mapping and brow mapping with straight lines.


  • Clear Lines: Brow mapping string adopted safety ink, can leave thin but well seen marks on skin, perfect for permanent makeup, microblading, etc.
  • Prevent Spillage: Inked string is installed in a sealed bottle, with a cutting device, allow you do not worry about the ink spillage or leakage.
  • Safe To Use: Inked eyebrow mapping string made safe and gentle materials, which is easy to cleanse with makeup remover liquid and cotton pads.
  • 20m Length: Inked brow mapping string adopted 20 meters length design for a time use, suitable for beauty shop, tattoo artist use.
  • Easy to Use: Inked brow mapping string allows you can get any length of string according to your needs, help to create beautiful eyebrow shape.
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Pre-Inked Mapping String Prix de vente$10.00