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Permanent Makeup Cartridges with Membrane (PMU Pen 2)

Prix de vente$30.00


Permanent Makeup Cartridges with Membrane

(Compatible only with PMU Pen with Digital Display)



Our Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges with Membrane are compatible with any traditional PMU pen similar to the Mac Pen 2. These permanent makeup membrane needle cartridges are a premium quality product which will evenly and optimally absorb and release ink while simultaneously avoiding pigment overflow for a superior artistic experience that will effectively take less time and be more precise than ever, a perfect product with a dainty diameter which effectively allows you to create crisp and thin outlines.

These individually and carefully sealed Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges with membrane are fully sterilized to allow for peace of mind regarding both hygiene regulations and the guarantee that each single use cartridge will have been produced with the highest care for cleanliness.

These 1RL Needle Cartridges are incredibly safe and easy to use and they have been produced with a practical yet secure magnetic system which allows you to have full control. 

Though you may use these 1RL Needle Cartridges as you please, they are optimal for fine and detailed work, specifically beauty enhancements such as Ombre Powder Brows, Lip definition and lip liners, Micro-Shading, Hair Strokes and Scalp Pigmentation.

1RL Needle Cartridge with membrane, permanent makeup pen needle cartridge front view
Permanent Makeup Cartridges with Membrane (PMU Pen 2) Prix de vente$30.00