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Mast Tour Air

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Mast Tour Air Wireless Tattoo Machine

MAST is always on the way to innovating, making work more effcient for artists. MAST has collected the demands of many PMU artists. Mainly working on optimizing the vibration and sound of machines, allowing artists to ignore the sounds and vibrations while working on their clients. 

The MAST family continues to create better and better TATTOO and PMU products. MAST TOUR AIR with the extension of the Tour series' high quality and line style, provides more enjoyable creations for PMU artists around the world. The New Mast Tour Air consists of an ultra-compact motor with powerful dynamics.

Mast Tour Air Benefits:

  • Lightness, slimmer and easy to carry
  • Born to be the lightest pen
  • As heavy as a Peel pen, making it more comfortable to work with
  • Low vibration, quiet working surrounding


Mast Tour Air Specifications:

Height: 100mm
Motor: Coreless Motor
Working Voltage:5v - 9v
Speed: 12V/10000RPM
Connect cord: RCA

Mast Tour Air Black, Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine, Mast Tour Air Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine, Black
Mast Tour Air Prix de vente$95.00