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Folicule Deep Brown SMP Pigment

Sale price$80.00

Folicule Deep Brown SMP Pigment

Go-to product for SMP artists looking to provide the most natural scalp micropigmentation results. Our deep brown pigment is perfect to use for clients with light skin or light hair that fall within the Fitzpatrick 1-2 scale or for long hair fill-ins that have brown or light blonde hair.

This product is ONLY for certified and experienced Permanent Makeup (PMU) professionals and is only used for scalp micropigmentation treatment.

This product is NOT to be used for cosmetic use by customers.

The brown pigment is intended for clients of very light skin tone (Fitzpatrick scale 1-2) and light hair color (blonde, ginger, light brown).

For most of your Deep Brown pigment clients we recommend using a dilution # between #8 – #20, depending on the lightness of the skin tone and hair color. If the client is extremely light skin dilute towards the higher end of the range (#14 – #20), if they have some warmth or redness to their skin dilute towards the lower end of range (#8 – #14).


Folicule Deep Brown SMP Pigment Contents:

  • 15 ml Pigment Bottle Folicule Deep Brown
  • 10 ml Syringe
  • 1 ml Syringe
  • Folicule Deep Brown Dilution Chart
      Folicule Deep Brown SMP Pigment, Pigment for Scalp Micropigmentation, SMP Pigments, PMU Pigments front view
      Folicule Deep Brown SMP Pigment Sale price$80.00