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Fade Eyebrow Pigment Collection

Prix de vente$250.00

Tina Davies Fade Eyebrow

Pigment Collection


Flexible color, trusted results. Introducing the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection, ideal for artists and clients who want beautiful eyebrows without committing to a lifelong shape or color. FADE is a hybrid line of pigments that is comprised of mainly inorganic ingredients.

It is designed to visibly fade into a softer version of the original color within 12-24 months of application, however, results will vary depending on the client and technique. FADE pigments are EU REACH compliant and have internally-corrected ingredients to prevent warm/red fading.

Clients can enjoy the convenience of tattooed eyebrows without a "forever commitment", allowing artists to easily refresh their clients’ brows for years to come.

In the Collection:

8 x 0.5 fl. oz. / 15 ml pigments:

Light Warm Blonde  for golden-blonde brows

Light Neutral Blonde  for ash-blonde brows

Medium Warm Auburn  for reddish-brown brows (can be used as warm modifier)

Medium Warm Brown  for rich-brown brows

Medium Neutral Brown  for ash-brown brows

Dark Warm Brown  for vivid-brown brows

Dark Neutral Brown  for strong-brown brows

Deep Cool Brown  for blackish-brown brows

1 FADE Eyebrow Pigment Color Chart  for easy pigment selection


      Fade Eyebrow Pigment Collection by Tina Davies, Fade Pigment Collection, Permanent Makeup Pigments, front view
      Fade Eyebrow Pigment Collection Prix de vente$250.00