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Article: Is Permanent Cat Eye Eyeliner Worth It? Know the Pros & Cons

Is Permanent Cat Eye Eyeliner Worth It?  Know the Pros & Cons

Is Permanent Cat Eye Eyeliner Worth It? Know the Pros & Cons

Applying cat eyeliner is a daily struggle for many people. It's time-consuming, requires skills, and requires a steady hand, or else that one slip could ruin their entire look. So, this is where PMU (permanent makeup) artists come to the rescue, helping clients achieve consistent, perfect wings.

Being a PMU artist, you should be aware of the complete process and pros & cons of getting a permanent cat eyeliner, ensuring your clients' safety and satisfaction.

Through this guide, we'll arm you with the knowledge of both the pros and cons of permanent cat eyeliner, along with some tips on preparing your customers for eyeliner tattoos. Also, you'll know whether this permanent eyeliner ages well. But first, let's explore what permanent cat eyeliner actually is.

What Exactly is Cat Eye Permanent Eyeliner?

Cat eye permanent eyeliner is an eyeliner tattoo that involves the use of an electric device specially designed for cosmetic tattooing.

The permanent eyeliner procedure is said to be non-invasive, where most of the tattooing results are long-lasting. However, there are chances when some permanent eyeliner tattoos can last up to 5 years.

One of the significant benefits of permanent eyeliners is that they can be customized best to suit your client's eye shape and features. Plenty of styles can be combined to make a cat eye wing that is both clean and sharp or maybe thick and smokey.

This treatment is ideally done in 2 sessions. But, remember, a touch-up is crucial after 6 to 8 weeks of the initial procedure. Extending the longevity of results can be achieved through additional touch-up sessions, typically scheduled once a year or sooner if necessary. This is because eyeliner tattoos naturally fade over time, either due to natural processes or inadequate aftercare.

Who Benefits Most From Cat Eye Eyeliner?

Permanent cat eye eyeliner offers an ideal solution for individuals seeking smudge-proof eyeliner that remains intact, even during activities like swimming or vigorous exercise. For individuals who aren't prepared to embrace a winged eyeliner appearance permanently, there are various alternative styles of permanent eyeliner to explore.

Opting for a classic eyeliner or eyelash enhancement provides a subtler alternative to achieve the benefits of permanent eyeliner. It also offers the flexibility to enhance it into a cat eyeliner look using conventional makeup whenever desired.

Before scheduling an appointment, it's crucial to consider that while your client may currently adore the cat eye look, there's a possibility their preferences could evolve in the coming months or years. Bold eyeliner trends are known to fluctuate, impacting individual choices.

The Benefits of Permanent Cat-Eye Eyeliner

Permanent cat-eye eyeliner offers a world of possibilities for those who want to wake up looking their best! Here at PMU, we believe in empowering you with confidence and convenience. Let's explore how permanent eyeliner can elevate your daily routine:

Effortless Beauty: Love the look of a cat-eye but struggle with application? Permanent eyeliner eliminates the need for daily application, saving you precious time in the morning and ensuring your look is always on point.

Flawless All Day: Say goodbye to smudging and touch-ups! Permanent eyeliner is waterproof and smudge-proof, keeping your eyes defined and flawless all day long, no matter your activities.

Perfect for Sensitive Eyes: Does traditional eyeliner irritate your eyes? Permanent eyeliner pigments are specifically formulated for sensitive skin and can offer a gentle alternative to conventional makeup.

Confidence Booster: Waking up with beautiful, defined eyes can be a real confidence booster. Permanent cat-eye eyeliner subtly enhances your features and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

How Does Permanent Cat Eye Eyeliner Hold Up Over Time?

The aging process typically commences with the eyes and eyebrows, given their frequent use in expressing emotions and communicating. As a result of the continuous muscle activity, the outer corners of the eyes tend to droop with time, suggesting that the permanent eyeliner design you opt for today may change in the future.

For mature skin, it's advisable to avoid cat eye eyeliner. The diminishing skin elasticity can cause the liner to lose its precise shape and definition over time. Additionally, using black permanent eyeliner on aging skin may result in a harsh and intense appearance, which is not typically desired.

Veteran PMU artists often discourage clients from choosing cat eye eyeliner that is overly thick or boasts a highly elongated and dramatic wing. This is because bold eyeliner looks are generally not adaptable for everyday wear. Instead, they suggest opting for subtler, more understated eyeliner styles that can be enhanced with makeup for special occasions or as desired.

How Does the Tattooing Process Function?

Prep & Anesthetic
Begin by numbing the treatment area with a J pro Numbing Cream. This ensures client comfort throughout the procedure.

Consultation & Design
Collaborate with your client to determine the ideal cat eye style. Discuss thickness, wing shape, and overall aesthetic to ensure alignment with their desired look.

Apply the permanent makeup to the eyelid using your chosen tool (pen-like device or tattoo gun). Precise needle depth (a few millimetres) is crucial for proper ink deposit.

Procedure Time
Be mindful of the time commitment based on your chosen style. A thin, traditional line often takes one hour (including numbing/design). Intricate designs may take up to three hours.

Aftercare Instructions
Educate your client on expected aftercare. Emphasize that some bleeding, swelling, and crusting are normal and part of the healing process.

In a Nutshell
Permanent cat eye eyeliner can be a transformative service for the right clients. However, as a PMU artist, it's crucial to know the procedure's pros and cons. Thorough consultations that address both the immediate benefits and long-term considerations are essential. Prioritize safety by adhering to strict hygiene standards and selecting high-quality pigments. Also, remember it is crucial to use right numbing cream like J pro Numbing Cream during the procedure.

Trends change and skin ages. Encourage clients to choose styles that offer both timeless appeal and flexibility. By taking this holistic approach, you'll ensure client satisfaction and establish yourself as a trusted expert in permanent makeup.

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